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IIFA ANNOUNCES DATES FOR CELEBRATIONS IN TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA The IIFA Weekend & Awards to take place from the 24th to the 26th of April, 2014


Mumbai 23rd December: Earlier this year the International Indian FilmAcademy (IIFA) announced that fans of Indian Cinema could expect the 15thAnnual IIFA celebrations to make its American premiere in Tampa Bay,Florida. The institution has now announced the much awaited official datesfor the mega-weekend that is all set to take place from the 24th - 26th of April.


Having travelled to some phenomenal destinations across the globe over thelast 14 years, IIFA has graced the shores of the UK, Europe, Middle East,Southeast Asia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Canada. IIFA will now make itsfirst foray into the United States of America where fans and enthusiastsof Indian Cinema from around the world can expect to see their favoritestars descend into Tampa Bay during the weekend and witness IndianCinema's most glorious event unfold in the city. With world-classinfrastructure and facilities and having hosted a myriad of internationalconcerts, events and the Super Bowl four times, Tampa Bay is the idealchoice for the 15th IIFA Weekend & Awards.


Earlier this year, key delegates from Visit Tampa Bay, including SantiagoCorrada (President and Chief Executive Officer of Visit Tampa Bay)travelled to Mumbai and New Delhi to forge crucial ties in India with IIFAbefore the big Weekend in April. Corrada and IIFA officials discussed anumber of details ahead of IIFA's American debut, anticipating all of thespecial arrangements that will need to be addressed to host India's mostcelebrated dignitaries, business leaders and Bollywood's A-listcelebrities.


Speaking on the occasion Santiago Corrada, President and Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Visit Tampa Bay said, "We are extremely excited to joinWizcraft/IIFA in announcing the official dates, venues and the launch ofticket sales.  Our teams have worked together diligently over the past sixmonths to ensure a successful production in Tampa Bay.  Our entire regionis enthusiastically preparing to welcome tens of thousands of visitors toour destination, and we look forward to serving as great hosts to thebiggest and best International Indian Film Academy awards in history."


Having played a large hand to bring the IIFA ceremony to Tampa Bay, thecardiologist, philanthropist, community leader and strong supporter ofIIFA, Dr Kiran Patel was instrumental in bringing the Indian communitytogether in Florida and more pointedly, Tampa to support cinema and IIFA.Speaking on bringing the prestigious Weekend to Tampa Bay in 2014, Dr.Kiran Patel, said, "I am excited to lend my support in whatever waypossible to IIFA and the Indian film fraternity at large. With thegoodwill of our community we look forward to the grandest Indian cinemaspectacle that the US has ever seen." 


Andre Timmins, Director, Wizcraft & IIFA said, "We are thrilled to bemaking our debut into the United States of America next year andpreparations for this very special IIFA weekend are well underway. TheTampa Bay Area is a fantastic destination and will be a great host for aspectacular IIFA Weekend.  We have been overwhelmed by the kind ofenthusiasm and support that we have received from across the region.  Theunprecedented demand for IIFA has been tremendous and has created the needto take IIFA Awards to the largest possible venue in the city and bringforward the dates for the IIFA Weekend."


IIFA is a global platform that gives the Indian film fraternity anopportunity to reach audiences in international territories.  Thealliances made via the platform of IIFA provide huge benefits and gain toIndia but an equally important objective of this prestigious brand is tocreate similar outcomes in its country of host.  The aim is to establish asystem of mutual benefit to both India as well as the host destinations byboosting tourism, economic development, trade, culture, cross-borderinvestments and film co-productions.



About iifa (International Indian Film Academy)Conceptualized and produced by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. and supported by the key members of the Indian film fraternity, IIFAis the most appreciated South Asian film academy. Also, the IIFA Awards isIndia's biggest media event. With a viewership of almost 600 million, itis among the world's most-watched annual entertainment events. From a onenight celebration in 2000 at the Millennium Dome, London, the lastthirteen years have seen the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA)movement grow into a cine-packed weekend of film-festivals, workshops,exhibitions, film-showcases, global business forums and sporting events,all of which climax into the highlight of the Weekend, the IIFA Awards.

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